Prime Minister Office, Putrajaya

The Perdana Putra building located in Putrajaya, houses the offices of the Prime Minister and the government secretary. The building overlooks the lake, the mosque and the Dataran of Putrajaya. Its structure comprises elements of Moghul Islamic architecture. The largest of these domes surrounded by four others, is a replica of the Zahir Mosque of Alor Star from the state of Kedah.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems

PMO façade lighting includes all the surrounding columns, central main column, dome and pinnacle. Except the dome and pinnacle which will always be in static white, the rest of the lights are programmable LED color changing light. Total usage of LED lighting solutions has provided PMO with energy efficient façade lighting that saves electricity. The dynamic color lighting technology provides the flexibility for normal and festive mode façade lighting.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems
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