Cascade Kota Damansara, by Mitraland

Sahidon Elias

Cascade Kota Damansara is a mix and commercial development building by Mitraland. The building is located beside the NKVE highway ande Giant Kota Damansara within the vicinity of Petaling Jaya district. The lighting packages includes delivery, installation and testing of landscape and façade lighting. The lighting consultant specified Megabay LED lighting for landsacpe and Color Kinetic LED lighting for the roof top linear lighting.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems

For the façade lighting, lighting consultant used a combination of Metal Halide floodlight for the building façade and linear LED effect for the roof top. Linear line effect is very effective for this building as it can be seen from around Damansara areas.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems

The long lifespan of the LED lamps which is rated at 50,000 hours will provide saving on overall maintenance cost of the lighting. The power consumption is also significantly less making it the ideal lighting solutions for facade lighting.