4G9 Office Tower, Precinct 4, Putrajaya, Malaysia

When developing exterior lighting plans in Putrajaya, developer must adhere to the Putrajaya Lighting Master Plan. The plan promotes the use of lighting to foster the character and image of the emerging city and sets forth specific criteria including reduced energy consumption.

Especially on building façades, exterior lighting must be architecturally compatible with the surroundings and cannot create glare, light overspill, or light pollution. In this project, the consultant chose Philips ColorBurst Powercore LED spotlights to highlight the central strip of the 4G9 building façade. The design of which is based on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical progression connected with the golden ratio.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems

The façade is comprised of steel tubing and sunshade devices, both painted white, and is flanked on either side with reinforced glass panels. Together with the colorful LED lighting, the complex architectural design creates a spectacular scene in the night sky.

ColorBurst Powercore LED spotlights were chosen for their long useful life and low-maintenance operation. The LED-based lighting solution is highly energy-efficient, accounting for only 1% of the building’s monthly electrical bill. Because they are directional, the fixtures produce minimal spill light and light pollution.

Photo Credit: LSI Systems